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Raw Material High quality coconut fiber in bale was send from south of Thailand.


Fiber Opening The coconut fiber was opened by fiber opener machine and paved over 83 inches conveyer belt and feed into the punching machine

Double Punching The special design of double punching system with 1,500 units or high quality steel needles, make the coco-sheets much tighter and got a better quality than the ordinary rubberizing or old-fashion needle punching.
And with the high-power magnet system, all metal that might be stuck in the coco-sheet will be screen and draw out, as we realize that higher quality product requires higher safety standard.

Rubberizing After punching to be a long sheet of coconut fiber, the product will be send through rubberize head that spray the adhesive over one side of coco-sheet.


Drier Then, automatically run through the oven to dry the adhesive as well as to sterilize the product at 95-110 degree Celsius.

Latex Spray And the product will be turned to backside to do the step of rubberizing again. Rubberizing both side could keep longer useful life of the product.

Drier & Cut After run through 30 meters long in the oven, both side of the product got dried and ready to be cut into the required sizes. The first quality check will be done at the point of work.


Hydraulic press The hydraulic hot-press machine was used to attach the coconut fiber sheets together in order to keep the product thickness up to customer demand.

Final sizing and QC The final sizing and last quality check will be done at this step to make sure that all products will meet the customerís requirement.

Transportation Victory Industrial has its own fleet of transportation in order to keep highest customer satisfaction by our on time delivery system.